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Sports and Recreation Center

The Sports and Recreation Center is a spacious 47,000-square-foot facility that hosts a variety of activities. Its four multipurpose courts support basketball, tennis, and volleyball and are enclosed by a 200-meter running track.

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Robertson Center

Robertson Center Gym

The Robertson Center Gym offers the same type of flooring used in NCAA Division 1 tournaments. The facility is primarily used for basketball, but can accommodate other recreational purposes as well. The gym is also used for banquets and trade shows; a special floor covering is installed for these events.

Nature Trail

Russell W. Johnson Nature Trail

Dedicated to one of Bethel's beloved biology professors, this nature trail serves as a great reminder of our Creator. It is a scenic exercise route and a great way to explore the campus. The trail follows the shore of Lake Valentine and also winds through the Seminary campus.

Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf Course

The Bethel disc golf course offers nine fun and challenging holes that allow you to explore the campus. If you are not familiar with the sport, don't worry: just bring a Frisbee and you will enjoy it as much as experienced golfers.

Disc Golf Course (PDF)