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Academic Excellence

Classes at Bethel University are largely back to pre-COVID-19 normal. We will continue to prioritize face-to-face learning in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS). Many classes and programs in the College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS), Bethel Seminary, and Graduate School (GS) will also be offered face-to-face. If we experience a surge in COVID-19 cases, modifications may need to be made in order to mitigate spread.

Classroom Learning Experience

  • We are excited that classes scheduled in a face-to-face format will meet, as scheduled, in classrooms. Students in face-to-face classes should plan to attend in person.  
  • Some CAS classes are scheduled to be completely online. The majority of CAPS, Seminary, and GS classes will be online. These courses may meet regularly in real time or may be asynchronous to allow students to engage in their learning on a schedule that best meets their needs. If an online class has scheduled class times, students are expected to join the virtual meetings (usually via Zoom) as scheduled.
  • All students should check their schedule carefully in MyBethel to confirm when, where, and how to engage in your classes. CAPS, Seminary, and GS students should check with their student success advisor if they have any questions. 
  • Students in high-risk categories should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) to discuss needed accommodations. If you need to request an accommodation, please do so as soon as possible so faculty have a chance to prepare to meet your needs. 
  • Course attendance in the College of Arts & Sciences will be closely monitored by faculty members. Check the attendance policies in your course syllabi for details. Students are expected to communicate with their professors if they will need to be absent due to illness or other reasons. 

Classroom COVID-19 Precautions

  • Illness 
    • Regardless of vaccination status, students or faculty experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not attend class in person and should follow all other community safety and wellbeing guidelines.
    • Students missing class due to symptoms or outstanding COVID-19 test results should report absence directly to faculty. Faculty will receive official notification of positive test results from Student Life.
    • Regardless of test results, students and faculty should not attend class in person as long as severe symptoms (fever, body aches, etc.) persist.
  • Face coverings  
    • Individually, while employees can no longer require or request masking of others in classrooms and offices, Bethel wholeheartedly supports anyone who continues to wear a mask for any reason. We also encourage everyone to respect others choices and their preferences in caring for their health. In accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), any requests for accommodation due to medical condition or disability should be submitted through the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services