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Community Life

Students will have the opportunity to live in campus housing this fall, and residence life will continue to include experiences like Bible studies, recreational activities, and Shack. If we experience a surge in COVID-19 cases, modifications may need to be made or activities canceled in order to mitigate spread.

Residence Life

  • Room occupancy
    • All residence hall rooms and rooms within suites and apartments will house no more than two students. Students are welcome to have visitors in their rooms but should be mindful of 3 feet of distancing.

  • Hygiene and cleaning expectations
    • Students should practice frequent handwashing.
    • Students who have a bathroom in their suite/apartment must create and follow a cleaning schedule for the bathroom.
    • Students who have a kitchen or make use of a residence hall kitchen must clean their dishes and utensils after each use.

  •  Accommodations for students in high-risk categories
  •  Residence hall events and programs
    • Residence Hall event sizes are not restricted based on CDC and MDH guidance. Events in residence halls should be planned to accommodate for 3 feet of distancing.

  •  Residence hall shacks, lounges, and other common areas
    • Shacks, lounges, study rooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens will remain open to student use. 
    • Capacity limits that account for 3 feet distancing will be posted in every common space. 
    • Recreational equipment will be open to student use.

Student Activities, Events, and Clubs

  • There are currently no capacity restrictions on the size of university events. Events will be planned and executed to allow for 3 feet of distancing.

Athletic Facilities

  • Athletic facilities will be open for use. Recreational facilities will follow MDH youth sport guidance.


  • The Monson Dining Center will offer its standard pre-COVID-19 seating.
  • Community members will have the option of dining in and spacing out according to comfort levels, or they are also welcome to purchase a reusable to-go box for takeaway dining.
  • Community members will be expected to sanitize their hands before entering the dining center.
  • Online ordering will be available at 3900 Grill and Royal Grounds.

Internal and External Visitors

  • Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m to 8 p.m, employees and students do not need to register visitors. Outside these hours, students and employees will need to register guests on campus by completing the Visitor Registration Form or by calling 651.638.6400 for visitors arriving at the west gate entrance from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • All visitors must comply with Bethel’s community safety and wellbeing guidelines

Christian Formation

  • Faith is at the center of community life at Bethel. Chapel and Vespers services will be held in Benson Great Hall. A livestream option will also be available, allowing individuals to participate according to their comfort level. 
    • There will be two Vespers services each Sunday at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. in Benson Great Hall.
    • Chapel is at 10:15-11 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Benson Great Hall.
    • Congregational singing will be allowed according to public health guidance. 
  • Pastoral care and other Christian formation opportunities will be available in a format that accommodates for 3 feet of distancing. 

University Athletics 

  • The Athletic Department will follow MDH, MIAC, and NCAA guidance as it is released. At this time, we anticipate a return to much of our pre-COVID-19 protocols. 
  • Vaccination of intercollegiate athletes is strongly encouraged. Unvaccinated individuals will be subject to quarantine per CDC and MDH guidance.

Recreational Sports

  • Recreational sports will be offered and will follow MDH youth sport guidance.