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Faculty and Staff FAQs


What technology assistance will be available to faculty as we continue to teach classes online?

  • Support from TLT is available through guides in confluence, webinars, or submitting a support request form. As part of COVID-19 prevention measures, the TLT Support Desk in the library will not be staffed. TLT Support Desk staff can be reached at

What do I do if I do not have the proper technology to teach my courses from home?

  • Faculty teaching online who need internet access may come to campus to connect with their students virtually. If a computer is not adequate to support online teaching, contact the ITS helpdesk. If additional technology is required, please contact your dean.

Will faculty be allowed in the academic buildings to teach classes?

  • All face-to-face classes are now offered virtually. Faculty should not be on campus to teach. They may go to their offices as long as they:
    • have not been exposed to COVID-19
    • are not displaying symptoms
    • practice social distancing
  • Faculty may record videos or audio lectures or use equipment as needed. Otherwise, faculty are discouraged from being on campus.


Do you have any tips for working remotely more effectively?

  • Christine Osgood, director of Wellbeing Initiatives, has prepared some suggestions for working from home, including how to balance work and family, ideas for structuring your days, tips for exercise and mental breaks, etc. 

Am I required to come to campus if I feel uncomfortable doing so?

  • Employees who are uncomfortable coming to campus are not required to do so. In such cases, please contact your supervisor and Human Resources for information about next steps.

How should I complete my timesheet or leave a report if I need to report time not worked due to COVID-19?

  • Through April 13, please use the following guidelines when completing your leave report/timesheet.
    • Salaried Employees: There is nothing that needs to be marked down on your leave report for time off due to COVID-19. NOTE: You should not use your sick time due to COVID-19.
    • Hourly Employees: A time entry code for COVID-19 has been added to the bottom of your timesheet. If you are unable to work because of the following two reasons, enter your time as COVID-19:
      • Your position does not enable you to work from home and/or
      • You are caring for family members
    • For example, if you normally work 8 hours per day and you spend 6 hours of your day working, you would mark down 6 hours of Regular Time Pay and 2 hours of COVID-19 Time Pay. NOTE: You should not use your sick time due to COVID-19.
    • Short-term disability still applies for those who are unable to work for more than 5 consecutive days due to their own illness, including COVID-19. Please contact Leah Haiden at if this is the case or if you have questions about short-term disability.

My position is not conducive for working remotely? Will I be furloughed?

  • We will work with each department to temporarily repurpose and restructure as many jobs as possible to meet the needs of an unpredictable future. Our goal is to continue paying full salaries to as many of our staff employees as possible, but it may mean that you will be asked to do something out of the ordinary. We will provide you with more information at a later date.


Will paychecks be processed as they usually are or might they be delayed?

  • For staff and faculty, paychecks will not be processed differently. Physical checks will be sent via U.S. mail.
    For student workers, physical checks will no longer be delivered via campus PO boxes. Physical checks will instead be delivered via postal mail. If you need to update your current address, please click here.
  • If you would like to enroll in a direct deposit, please submit this form via the Business Office Secure Upload Tool using your Bethel email.
  • Students who receive an exception to remain in Residence Life can request their checks be delivered via PO by contacting


What Bethel resources are available to help me manage my stress?

  • Daily wellbeing posts are coming out between now and April 13 (maybe longer) on both the Wellbeing website and Instagram.


How can I get access to packages or mail?

  • The window for mail and package pick up will be available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. For Lakeside Center, there will be no mail delivery. Please pick up mail and packages at the window. Anderson Center deliveries will remain at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to offices that can be accessed with a keycard. Delivery will be attempted to offices without keycard access. For the 3900 campus and all other departments, your mail will be delivered once daily to offices or departments that are not closed and locked. If you or your department are expecting an item that has not been delivered, please contact the U.S. Postal Service first to verify it has been received by the post office and is available for you to pick up or arrange to have it delivered when your office is open. The delivery to open offices on the main campus will happen around noon.

How do I process invoices, business expense reports, or other requests for payment?

  • The Business Office is currently receiving mail daily. We are issuing checks twice weekly. If you have requests for payment, business expense reports, or other documents to submit you may do so via inter-campus mail, by using the secure dropbox located outside the Campus Store, or by emailing If you are submitting documents that require approval, please do so from your Bethel email and include the following statement: “Please consider this email my formal approval of the included request.” Business Office forms can be found under the “Services” and “Employees” sections of our website.

How do I submit reports/requests to the Business Office?

  • The Business Office is now accepting electronic submission of Requests for PaymentBusiness Expense Reports, and Credit Card Activity Reports. To submit a report electronically, please email your report to your approver, following your normal approval path. Approvers should review reports and submit them to All submissions should be made from Bethel-issued email accounts, and supervisors should note their approval by including the following phrase: "Please consider this email my formal approval of the attached." Requirements for invoices, receipts, submission within 60 days, and other Business Office Expense Policies still apply. In order to aid in timely processing, we are asking that, as much as possible, receipts and other supporting documents be consolidated into one scan, PDF, or picture. The Business Office is still accepting these documents via postal or intercampus mail as well. If you have additional questions, please email