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Working Groups

Creating Community Working Group

This group's goal is to continue to find ways to stay connected as a community in this season of virtual work and learning. Members include:

  • Avis Soderstrom
  • Christine Osgood
  • Deb Harless
  • Jason Steffenhagen
  • John Addleman
  • Jenny Hudalla
  • Jeff Sanders
  • Jennifer Scott
  • Laurel Bunker
  • Laura Gilleland
  • Miranda Powers
  • Peter Vogt
  • Pang Moua
  • Ryan Gunderson
  • Tim Hammer (leader)

Summer Events Working Group

This group's goal is to oversee the schedule of events and make decisions based on guidance from other relevant groups and the type of event (external vs. internal), ability for social distancing, size, housing and food service needs. Members include:

  • Avis Soderstrom
  • Deb Harless
  • John Addleman

After Shelter-in-Place Working Group (Employees)

This group's goal is to develop reopening plan for employees for June 1-July 31. Members include:

  • Barry Holst
  • Cara Wald (leader)
  • Deb Harless
  • Kristi Moline
  • Liz Miller
  • Mark Posner
  • Zach Hill (leader)

Fall Decision Working Group

This group's goal is to develop a plan for what face to face curricular and cocurricular life will look like in the fall and bring that plan to Cabinet for consideration. Members include:

  • Amy Blaz
  • Cara Wald
  • Deb Harless (leader)
  • Jim Bender
  • John Addleman
  • Mark Posner
  • Michael Vedders
  • Ruben Rivera

Physical Distancing Working Group

This group's goal is to consider the various implications of maintaining physical distancing in curricular, cocurricular, and social settings across campus, as well as develop and recommend a plan to maintain a safe campus related to distancing. Members include:

Classroom and Academic Support Subgroup

  • Amy Witt
  • Diane Krusemark
  • Molly Noble
  • Mike Lindsey
  • Ray VanArragon
  • Rollin King
  • Ryan Gunderson
  • Sam Mulberry
  • Susan Brooks

Events and Common Spaces Subgroup

  • Anna Mogard
  • Avis Soderstrom
  • Ben Cook
  • Deb Sullivan-Trainor (leader)
  • Jennifer Scott
  • Jill Sonsteby
  • Kristi Moline
  • Lauren Gannon
  • Mike Lindsey
  • Miranda Powers
  • Tim Hammer

Residence Life and Cocurricular Subgroup

  • Gretchen Hunt (leader)
  • Jim Benjamin
  • Jon Veekner
  • Kristi Moline 

Virtual Planning Working Group

This group's goal is to answer the following two questions: 1.) How do we prepare if we must offer a virtual instruction learning environment in the fall, and 2.) How do we help faculty improve online instruction for the fall if needed? Members include:

  • Barrett Fisher (leader)

Online Course Design Subgroup

  • Ashley Mahoney
  • Julie De Haan
  • Lucie Johnson
  • Kara Wicklund
  • Nancy Brule

Preparing and Supporting Faculty Subgroup

  • Chad Osgood
  • Mike Spande
  • Ross Jahnke
  • Sara Wyse
  • Scott Kaihoi
  • Wally Boeve
Preparing and Supporting Students Subgroup
  • Jason Steffenhagen
  • Kim Thorstad
  • Miranda Powers
  • Sam Mulberry

Calendar Options Working Group

This group's goal is to develop a list of possible calendar options with pros and cons for each option. Members include:

  • Carole Young
  • Deb Sullivan-Trainor

Student Emergency Fund Working Group

This group's goal is to provide financial assistance to students financially affected by COVID-19 through money from the CARES Act and donated through the Student Emergency Fund. Members include:

  • Alicia Ochs
  • Amy Blaz (leader)
  • Debra Cordova
  • Jeff Olson
  • John Addleman (leader)
  • Miranda Powers
  • Ryan Gunderson
  • Wade Holmberg