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As an instructor you will rarely know the specifics of a student's disability. In some cases a student may ask to meet with you to discuss his or her disability, but in most cases, a student will notify you that he or she is working with DRS by initiating conversations after the Accommodation Letter has been received via email. This will list the accommodations they are eligible to receive as a result of their documented disabilities (but it will not give the specifics of the disability).

Students need to meet with a Disability Specialist before they can take exams in the DRS Center. If someone indicates to you that they have a disability in any other way, please tell them to contact one of our office.


If you have questions or concerns about a student you are working with, you can contact our office and ask to speak with the Specialist who is working with that student. The Specialist may not be able to tell you what a student's disability is, but they can provide you with some guidance for working with the student.