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Services or devices that enable persons with impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills to have an equal opportunity to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of, programs or activities.

Some examples include:

  • Readers
  • Brailled or enlarged print materials
  • Audio recordings (digital recorders, live scribe pen) and other similar services and devices
  • Telephone handset amplifiers
  • Telephones compatible with hearing aids
  • Telecommunication devices for deaf persons (TDD's)
  • Interpreters
  • CART
  • C Print
  • Note takers
  • Written or electronic materials and other similar services and devices

Requesting Interpreters or CART Services

Please complete the interpreter request form to request interpreters or CART Services

Requesting Departmental Loan of Assistive Technology

Please come to the Office of Disability Resources and Services to request a departmental loan for Assistive Technology.

Student Responsibility

  1. Inform your instructor each semester that you will be using these accommodations at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Communicate with your instructor if any problems with access to course materials or program occur.