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Contact Disability Resources Services (DRS)

Get in touch with us to request accommodations and/or services.

Meet with a Disability Consultant

At this meeting, you will discuss the ways in which the disability affects your learning and we will determine reasonable accommodations to be provided.

You will provide documentation of the disability. A disability consultant will review the documentation to determine whether it demonstrates the existence of a disability and the possible need for reasonable accommodations.

Receive Accommodations

If the accommodations relate to participation in courses, the disability consultant will write a letter confirming the presence of a disability and stating the approved accommodations. These letters are sent via email to instructors, but you are responsible for discussing the accommodations with your professors as they relate to the specific demands of each course.

If accommodations relate to other areas, such as student life or registration, you and the consultant will develop a plan to make sure the accommodations are put in place.