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The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services can provide a testing room for students who have challenges testing in a typical classroom environment.

These include:

  • Extended time (50% more or 100% more)
  • Reduced distraction room (1–13 students)
  • Single room (one student)
  • Reader (someone who reads the exam questions to the student)
  • Scribe (someone who writes what the student says during a test)
  • Electronic responses (the student is allowed to use a computer to type responses)
  • Music (student is allowed to listen to music while testing)
  • Memory aids (scratch paper, calculator)

Process for Requesting Testing Accommodations

To request testing accommodations please follow the accommodations process.

Student Responsibility

  1. Inform your instructor each semester if you intend to use testing accommodations at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Schedule your exam at least three days in advance for each exam/quiz using the scheduling software (information will be provided)
  3. Arrive at the Testing Center on time for your appointment with the appropriate testing materials.
  4. Return the exam and any auxiliary items to the proctor once testing is complete.