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Location: AC331
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m. (Interim hours vary)

Testing Requests

  1. Once you have met with a disability specialist and have been approved for testing accommodations, inform your professor if you intend to use testing accommodations at the beginning of the semester or at least 5 days prior to an exam date. If you do not give your professor a 5-day notice, you will be required to take the exam in the classroom, but will be allowed to take the remaining exams in the Testing Center.
  2. Once we have received a Testing Center Request Form from your professor, you will receive an email requesting you to sign up with our online scheduling software. In your email, it will indicate the time and date your professor has requested you to schedule your exam. It is your responsibility to abide by this request.

Testing Accommodations

Students with disabilities whose accommodations include an extended time to take a test or a testing environment different from the setting where the test will be given to other students must be allowed to take their tests under the conditions indicated in their accommodation letter issued by the director of Disability Resources and Services. 

Student Roles & Responsibilities

Students should review their roles and responsibilities related to the process for scheduling, day of testing procedures and rules for test-taking.