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Faculty Openings

College of Arts & Sciences

Adjunct Faculty
St. Paul, MN

Art (Ceramics) (Tenure Track)
Art and Design | St. Paul, MN

Assistant Forensics Coach
Department of Communication Studies | St. Paul, MN

Chemistry (Tenure Track)
Chemistry Department | St. Paul, MN

Communication (3 Year Appointment)
Communication Studies | St. Paul, MN

Education Adjunct
Education Department | St. Paul, MN

Marketing (Tenure Track)
Business and Economics | St. Paul, MN

Mathematics (Tenure Track)
Mathematics and Computer Science | St. Paul, MN

Music Adjunct
Music Department | St. Paul, MN

Psychology (Tenure Track)
Psychology | St. Paul, MN

College of Adult & Professional Studies

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Faculty CAPS/GS | St. Paul, MN

Adjunct Instructor Management Information Systems
B.S. Management Information Systems | St. Paul, MN

Counseling and Human Services Faculty
Human Services | St. Paul, MN

Graduate School

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Faculty CAPS/GS | St. Paul, MN

CAPS and GS Adjunct Business Faculty
MBA and Business Management | St. Paul, MN

Clinical Director/Faculty Nurse-Midwifery Program
Nurse-Midwifery | St. Paul, MN

Bethel Seminary

Professor of New Testament (Three Year Appointment)
St. Paul, MN

Visiting Professor in Marital & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling (One-Year Appointment)
San Diego, CA