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Unpacking Intercultural Competence Development in Service Learning and Study Abroad Contexts

Date May 5, 2015
FeaturingDr. Ripley Smith, Professor of Media Communication
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SponsorsFaculty Development and Friends of the BU Library.

Event Description

 Intercultural communication competence (ICC) has been extensively investigated from a communication perspective (for reviews see Chun, 2011; Deardorff, 2011; Dinges, 1983; Kramsch, 2011; Martin, 1993; Wiseman & Koester, 1993). ICC is a dynamic, variable process, affected by socio-contextual variables, wherein social identities are constructed (Deardorff, 2011; Van Oudenhoven & Van der Zee, 2002).  Previous studies have found numerous personality characteristics, or factors, to be associated with ICC, such as empathy, flexibility, respect, interest in the local culture, tolerance for ambiguity, positive self image, open-mindedness, social initiative, and even the ability to laugh at oneself (Herfst, van Oudenhoven, & Timmerman, 2008). The present study uses a two-group pre/post design to analyze the effect of learning context (study abroad and service learning) on ICC growth and willingness to communicate across cultural boundaries.


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