Frequently Asked Questions

What is Day at the Capitol?
This is your opportunity to tell those in the Minnesota Legislature how Bethel has impacted your life, why private colleges such as Bethel are important for the state of Minnesota, and why it's important that they help make college affordable. One of the ways the Minnesota Legislature supports college students is through the Minnesota State Grant program. Twenty-five percent of Bethel students receive Minnesota State Grants ranging from approximately $100 to more than $8,000, totaling more than $2.6 million. For some, the state grant is essential to their ability to attend Bethel.

What will I do while I’m at the Capitol? 

Check out the full schedule.

I’ve never talked to a legislator before. What will I say?
There is no need to worry about what you’ll say to your legislator. First of all, legislators love to hear from their constituents. You’ll have the chance to talk about your story: where you’re from, why you’re attending Bethel, what you plan to do with your degree, etc. You’ll also receive a short training to help you talk about the importance of the Minnesota State Grant. In addition, all meetings will happen in groups. You won’t be alone.

Will food be included in the day?
Yes! You’ll receive breakfast and money for lunch at the Capitol.

Will I be able to meet with my hometown legislator?
As much as possible, we'll try and connect you with your hometown legislator. However, it does depend on the legislator’s availability, so it is not always possible.

I have a question about Day at the Capitol. Who should I contact?
Suzanne McInroy, Office of Communications and Marketing

I’m worried about missing class on this day. What should I do?
Bethel faculty have been made aware of this event. We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your instructors, and to ask them for permission to reschedule anything (such as papers due) that you’ll miss in class. They are not required to do so, but we have informed them how important this opportunity is.

What is the Minnesota Private College Council?
The Minnesota Private College Council represents private higher education in Minnesota. Members of the organizations are 17 private, four-year liberal arts colleges. The mission of the Minnesota Private College Council is to preserve and enhance quality private higher education to serve the education and economic needs of our region while strengthening our cultural and economic fabric.