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Student Information


Your regalia (cap, gown, and honors cords if applicable) will be available in the Campus Store beginning Monday before Commencement during store hours. No need to pre-order and it is yours to keep. Please bring your student ID. Additional questions about your regalia can be directed to the Campus Store at campus-store@bethel.edu.

Press your gown with a cool iron before commencement. Your cap is to be worn level, not tilted to the side or to the back, with the tassel on the right side. Bethel-approved honor cords, medallions, and nursing pins are the only ornamentation to be worn on top of your gown. Corsages, boutonnieres, leis, heritage stoles, jewelry, or other ornamentation may NOT be worn over your gown during the ceremony.

Students may choose to wear a heritage stole at commencement to celebrate their cultural heritage (e.g. African, Latinx, Native American, Asian). Stoles must be no wider than 5 inches and no longer than 72 inches from end to end. The heritage stoles should not include words or numbers. Bethel does not provide heritage stoles; students can order them from a number of vendors.

Veteran’s and active duty military may also where stoles. Stoles must be no wider than 5 inches and no longer than 72 inches from end to end. Veterans’/active duty stoles may include the name of the branch of service and the official symbol of their branch of service. No additional words, numbers, badges or patches may be included. Bethel does not provide veterans’ stoles; students can order them from a number of vendors.

Recommended attire is dark formal dress clothes for under your gown and dark dress shoes.

Graduation Fees

A graduation fee of $715 for Doctor of Ministry students will be charged to your student account, which includes your thesis fee. Undergraduate and Masters students do not have a graduation fee. 

Diploma and Academic Requirements

Your diploma will bear your legal name (your name on the date of commencement). There are no exceptions. If you plan to change your name shortly before commencement, contact the Office of the Registrar. You will receive a diploma cover at commencement. You will NOT receive your actual diploma. When you have met all academic requirements and other obligations to the university, the Registrar will post your degree to your transcript and mail your diploma to your permanent address. Allow 4 weeks for mailing after your degree is posted.

Obligations include:

  • Final Payments
  • Campus Store Charges
  • Library charges
  • Parking Fines
  • Loan Exit Counseling (if applicable): About 1 month before you graduate, the Office of Financial Aid will send you details about your borrowing history, repayment options, and specific exit instructions. In the meantime, you can visit the National Student Loan Data System, which will provide you with information on your federal student loans.



Photography and videography are permitted in Benson Great Hall for brief timeframes. Quickly return to your seat after taking photos of your graduate to free up the aisle for other guests. Tripods are not allowed; monopods are permitted. A professional photographer will take individual photos of graduates as they receive their diploma cover on stage during the ceremony. To order your photo, visit www.pictureplace.com (event name is "Bethel") or call 651.426.0232.


Formal commencement announcement cards are available for purchase in the Campus Store.


Contact caps-sem-gs-commencement@bethel.edu