Class of 1994 Reunion

Class of 1994—It’s time to clear your calendar for October 3-5, 2014 and make plans to attend our 20-year college reunion!

This is the ONE you will not want to miss. Have you heard? Bethel will not hold another reunion for our class for another 10 years, and this reunion is shaping up to be one of the best ever. We are throwing out the sit down dinner—that’s right, this year it’s hearty appetizers, lots of mingling, a first-class show in Benson Great Hall, and an exclusive 1994 class event in the Underground, the new Bethel student union.

It’s not only a night for good food and great fun (for just $15), but also a prime opportunity to reminisce and reconnect with the people, places, and events that shaped some of the most influential years of our lives. Be sure to join the new Bethel University Class of 1994 Reunion Facebook group to stay in touch and learn about this fun night as more information becomes available.

We personally invite you to attend our 20-year reunion and can’t wait to see you there!


Saturday, October 4

  • Reunion Reception (Brushaber Commons) | 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Royal Celebration (Benson Great Hall) | 7-8 p.m.
  • Class of 1994 Reunion Party (The Underground) | 8-11 p.m.


Register today for Homecoming and our Class of 1994 Reunion.

The reunion package is $15/person and includes the Reunion Reception (hearty hors d'oeuvres will be served), Royal Celebration, and Class of 1994 Reunion Party.

Share your Bethel memories

Who was your favorite Bethel professor? Do you remember a fun prank from your Bethel days? Share some of your Bethel memories by completing a short questionnaire. Through your responses, you'll help write the Royal Celebration and shape our Class of 1994 Reunion!


As we gather to celebrate our Bethel stories, our class has the opportunity to support current and future Bethel students through a gift to the Royal Alumni Scholarship fund. Our goal is to have at least 20 percent of our class participate in this gift. Learn more and give today.

Stay connected

Missing classmates

Anybody know where these folks are? It’d be a shame if they missed our party just because we don’t have a current email address!

  • Tanya Aaker
  • Andrew Binning
  • Melinda Burroughs
  • Jonathan Carlson
  • Monica Collins
  • Daniel Ehrlich
  • Shane Hicke
  • Stephanie Izaguirre
  • Roger Longenecker
  • Sharon Remington
  • Mark Salo
  • Maria Short
  • Eryn Vaughan

If you know how to get in touch with any of these classmates, (gently) encourage them to update their info or call the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462!


Bethel has secured discounted rates for campus guests at several area hotels. View a list of hotels and request their "Bethel rate."


For more information about Homecoming and our Class Reunion, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462 or 800.255.8706, ext. 6462, or email


Class of 1994 Reunion Team

Class of 1994 Reunion Team:

  • Kirk Foote (not pictured)
  • Jenni Linden Hoyt
  • Joe Kimbell
  • Shan Mortimer Nelson
  • Kimberly Jensen Remington
  • Jason Sheard

We're Registered!

  • Joe Kimbell & Holly Kimbell (Auch)
  • Julia Bengtson (Plinske) & Hans Bengtson
  • Jenni Hoyt (Linden) & Chad Hoyt
  • Shan Nelson (Mortimer) & Scott Nelson
  • Justin Sheard
  • Naomi Zupfer (Gamble) & Jeff Zupfer
  • Tim Porter
  • Scott Peterson & Sara Peterson (Nelson)
  • Jason Sheard & Heidi Sheard (Benson)
  • Kirk Foote & Amy Foote (Deuster)
  • Brian Piehl & Keisha Piehl (Carlson)
  • Kim Remington (Jensen)
  • Kevin Johnson (Johnson) & Paula Johnson (Galinski)
  • Amy Harris (Steele) & Steve Harris
  • Krystal Bedard (West) & Mike Bedard
  • Jason Schmidt & Heather Schmidt (Swanson)
  • Chad Kieper & Kris Kieper (Reynhout)
  • Christine Osgood (Johnson) & Chad Osgood
  • Aaron Burquest & Leah Burquest (Hallstrom)
  • Jason Jones
  • Carol Andersen-Lawrance (andersen) & Mike Lawrance
  • Jennifer Herman (Martin) & Tim Herman
  • Rich Rokala & Rachel Rokala (Anderson)
  • Melinda Posner (Sturm) & Mark Posner
  • Gilbert Barkey & Rebecca Barkey (Riess)
  • Greg Storm & Shelly Storm (Reed)
  • Heather Bursch (Holmgren) & Tim Bursch
  • Scott Jones & Colette Jones (Berheim)
  • Rothko Hauschildt (first name was Sara) & Mathew Murphy
  • Joe Wheaton
  • Jeff Williams & Kristina Williams (Hoevet)
  • Scott Pearcy
  • Jennifer Boberg (Ramaker)
  • Tracy Frost (Carlson) & Paul Frost
  • Patrick Showers & Lynnette Showers (Swanson)
  • Kari Nelson (Young) & Carl Nelson
  • Jason Speratos
  • Kristin Olson (Friberg) & Jon Olson
  • Trent Perkins
  • Stephanie Orr (Johnson) & Charles Orr
  • Cami Dixon
  • Cara Chudek
  • Steve Hultgren & Martha Hultgren
  • Ellen Anderson (Stoltenow)
  • Jean Schmidt (Whitney) & David Schmidt
  • Jeff Kraakevik & Sue Kraakevik (Popkes)
  • Kimberly Hurd Horst
  • Heather McGrew (Parendo) & Mark McGrew
  • Jeff Snyder
  • Carrie Muench (Peters) & Carter Muench
  • Brent Carlson
  • Judy Moseman (Van Wambeke)
  • Darin Mather & Sue Mather
  • Keith Tekautz & Judy Tekautz
  • Marcy Swanson (Gustafson) & David Swanson
  • Keri Sollitt
  • Marcus Johansen & Susan Johansen
  • Becky Schauer (Kristensen) & Ken Schauer
  • Collette Lenarz (Berglund)
  • Lauralyn Ninow (Gorham)