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Staff Appreciation Day

Staff Appreciation Day 2017 is going to be a one-day of choice for your team!

Once again we’re offering the opportunity for each staff office/department (or a combination of teams where teams are small) to have your very own Staff Appreciation Day.

The Basics

Your team will get to choose the:

  • date
  • time
  • activity

Each office will get to choose one day between May 15 and August 15 to have your very own Staff Appreciation Day that best meets the needs, interests, and preferences for your team.

Financial Resources

For planning purposes, this year we are providing $25 per staff employee. If your department goes over this amount, the difference will need to be paid with your own department funds.
Each department/office pays for their Staff Appreciation Day out of their own budget. Then once the online Summary Report is completed and submitted, the Business Office will credit your department budget.
The Summary Report has closed for the 2017 Staff Appreciation Day season. If you have not completed this report, please contact Michelle Barringer directly.

Pictures Needed

A video will be created again and shown at the Staff Celebration event on September 14, 2017.
So take some fun pictures of your team and individual team members on your Staff Appreciation Day.

Then upload your photos directly to our Google form. A maximum of 10 photos can be uploaded. Provide the name of your office too.


Like all other Staff Appreciation Days, we want to know what your personal experience was like.
Please complete our short survey after you have participated in your Staff Appreciation Day.

The 2017 Staff Appreciation Day survey has closed.


Contact Michelle Barringer at m-barringer@bethel.edu