George Floyd Scholarship

George Floyd

The George Floyd Scholarship reflects Bethel University's theological and practical commitment to stand unequivocally against racism and every form of sin that destroys the image of God in humanity.

By naming the scholarship after George Floyd, we acknowledge that his life was inherently valuable in the eyes of God, and the pain and destruction caused by racism should have no place in our university or our society. George Floyd is not being immortalized; he is simply being remembered and interpreted. Scholarships keep the interpretation and learning process alive. George Floyd is a new generational symbol for long overdue social and spiritual change in America. Simply put, his story is educationally and systemically critical.

Please submit a personal statement that:

  • Describes how your life experiences have given you unique perspectives and strengths that you will bring to the Bethel community. Reflect on how they will help you grow personally and how they will fuel your commitment to serve others.
  • Identifies you as a service-minded leader who wants to make his/her college campus and home community better by answering the following:
    • Describe something that you appreciate and something you would like to change about your current community.
    • How will your college education equip you to bring about the transformation you desire for your community?

Creative responses are encouraged, including a personal written statement, video, or a combination of both. Please limit your personal written statement to 500 words and video to 5 minutes. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and the link should be submitted with this application.

The application deadline for the 2021-22 academic year is June 1, 2021.

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