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Join the Bethel Coffee Club

For 30 years, Bethel has invited alumni, parents, friends and fans of the Royals to be a part of the Bethel University Coffee Club.

Coffee Club donors have received a custom mug each year in recognition of their support of Bethel students. Though the mug has changed in size and shape over the years, the mission of the Coffee Club remains the same: uniting thousands of donors around the world in their love of Bethel.

A gift of $120—or a recurring gift of $10 a month—will earn you Coffee Club membership. This year’s mug is hand-thrown by Bethel alumni, and just like each Bethel experience is unique, each mug is a reflection of the hands that touched it. We hope that each time you drink from it you remember your Bethel connection.

Join a Royal tradition 30 years in the making, and raise your mug for Bethel!

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