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John Neibergall

John Neibergall

Senior Development Officer


John Neibergall, a senior development officer, supports the central United States. He came to work at Bethel by accepting God’s call 15 years ago after seeing how Bethel University equipped his 2 children to be courageous, committed Christ-followers.

“College years are so very important for believers,” says John. “God graciously led and enabled our children to choose Bethel, where He strengthened their walk with Christ and prepared them for lives, careers, and relationships that honor Him.”

He and his wife of 40 years, Karen, have 5 grandchildren and 2 children; both kids are college professors (Matthew is on the chemistry faculty at Bethel).

Before Bethel

John brings to Bethel 13 years as owner-publisher of 4 Iowa community newspapers, 4 years as executive director of the Iowa Newspaper Foundation, and 8 years of teaching experience at universities in Iowa and Kansas. This background helped him learn to communicate, build relationships, and value Bethel’s Christ-centered approach to learning.

Why John Enjoys His Work

According to John, his work is always new and engaging because “it requires that I give my best to the Lord’s service each day, and wait upon Him for His provision through those who invest in this amazing, transformational ministry.”

Favorite Bethel Experience

John’s favorite Bethel experience is Welcome Week. He gets jazzed by the energy, spirit, and joy of “one of life’s great passages, celebrated in a most memorable, meaningful way.”

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