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Planned Giving

There are lots of ways to support Bethel students beyond making a one-time donation. Life insurance, non-cash assets, and securities are just a few of the tools Bethel donors use to benefit their financial situation and make a gift to Bethel students at the same time.

Plan Your Gift

Our planned giving tools and resources will help you evaluate your financial goals and find opportunities to support Bethel.

Non-Cash Gifts

Donate personal property such as a piece of artwork, an antique, jewelry, or even a car or boat. You can also give real estate.

This type of giving provides you with an immediate income tax deduction without capital gains tax, while at the same time benefiting Bethel. 


By giving securities such as mutual funds, bonds, notes, or mortgages, you capitalize on national tax laws, which offer special incentives for non-cash property gifts.

Talk to an Officer

Our team is here to talk with you about your giving ideas. Contact an officer today to chat on the phone or set up a meeting.

Talk with an Officer

Donate Today

Make a gift to help support a Bethel student's education.

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