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Baseball Turf

Baseball Turf Infield

Former players, coaches, and donors have helped to create a strong culture and history of baseball at Bethel University over the years. Coaches and players strive to continue that work today by providing a vibrant experience and community for our athletes and alumni to be a part of. Now we need your help to make Bethel baseball even better.

Your investment will go far beyond this project. Our passion for developing the whole person, combined with our commitment to an excellent Christian higher education, results in life-changing experiences for our student athletes at Bethel.

Why turf?

Recruiting: Having a turf infield will better our picturesque facility, which allows us to continue attracting top recruits while attending and playing games at Hargis Park. Many of our top competitors have a turf infield and there’s no reason why our student athletes don’t deserve the same playing surface.

Student Experience: Playing on a turf infield provides an exceptional experience for our student athletes. Having turf allows our players to get outside sooner and stay outside, despite what weather conditions we face each week.

Team Success: We believe having a turf infield will drastically cut down on our practice time inside, which should make us better prepared to hit, throw, and field when it comes time for competition.

Costs: The current field is in need of significant repair, which will currently need to be covered by operational budgets. Additionally, there are annual costs of preparing the field, as well as the costs of chalk and infield dirt, that won’t be needed if we have turf. Also, because we don’t have turf, we have the costs associated with renting other fields to practice and play on early in the season. Not only would we get rid of these costs if we had turf, but we would also create the option to rent our own field out on occasion for income.


In order to turf the entire infield, which equates to approximately 25,000 square feet, we need to raise $300,000. With the help of generous leadership gifts, we are already halfway to our goal thus far. Our desire is to see the turf infield installed on August 1, 2017.

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If you have questions or would like more information about this project, please contact Hannah Brandes in the Office at Development at h-brandes@bethel.edu or 651.635.8071.

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