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Library Furniture Fundraiser

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The Bethel University Library has served the campus and the surrounding community since its creation in 1972. Since then the library has done its best to maintain the resources, welcoming ambiance and accoutrements that serve the community. The furniture that many patrons have used to study, lounge, and even nap in is now worn and in need of replacement.

The library shopped around, polled students, put out sample furniture and gauged reactions, and then set about with a floor plan and estimates. With the help of some design experts who specialize in libraries, we explored furniture options that would be both comfortable and durable, as well as colorful and attractive. We brought in some samples and invited our student population to comment and vote. We also took a group of our student workers out for a 'field testing day' and had them vote on the final product.

The Friends of the Library, seeing the hefty financial cost, offered to help with a fundraising project to see the plans through. Our goal is to raise $11,000 by the end of the spring semester. Will you make a gift today so that students, faculty, staff, and community members alike can resume with their lounging, studying, and napping?


  • Give $5 or more: Get your name in the Friends of the BU Library Newsletter.
  • Give $10 or more: Get two (2"x5.5") glossy bookmarks with a nice image.
  • Give $20 or more: Get 12 beautiful book plates for your personal library, designed specifically for the Friends of the BU Library.
  • Give $35 or more: Get a reusable BU Library chico bag that holds up to 20 lbs, stows in its own pouch, and fits in your pocket! (Limit 50)
  • Give $50 or more: Get a 45 minute private reading session after hours in the fireplace lounge. Pick one or more of your favorite books to be read out loud to you and a few of your friends by a Bethel celebrity reader. (Limit 3)
  • Give $75 or more: Get a limited edition, hand crafted mug made specifically for the BU Library by a Bethel alumnus. (Limit 3)
  • Give $100 or more: Get a mobile constructed from discarded books, or a unique art piece created from discarded books. (Limit 3 of each)
  • Give $200 or more: Get a 2-hour game night in the library with your friends (up to 12 people). (Limit 1)
  • Give $300 or more: Get a dessert buffet for up to 15 people. It won’t be Downton Abbey, but you will be treated like royalty! Get your friends, family or department together for a fun evening at the Cragg’s while enjoying a variety of desserts such as flan, chai tea cupcakes, dessert cheeses, and more! (Limit 1)

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