Give a gift. Share your story. Let us hear you ROAR!

You helped make Bethel what it is today. Your stories are the Bethel story.

You're the painters of the rock, the fans who travel on game day, the faithful worshipers at Vespers, and the ones who flock to the cinnamon roll line during Late Night DC.

You went sledding down Sem Hill and took naps in the library. Whether you wax nostalgic about Doc's Corner or tell tales of the Heritage pool, you are a servant, a leader, and a world-changer. You are the blue and gold.

See how our alumni are already participating.

Want to see the spirit of ROAR Day? Some of our students and alumni made a music video starring Laurel Bunker, Jared Johnson, Bob Schuchardt, Ruben Rivera, Peggy Kendall, and Bethany Opsata. Check it out!

We need your help.

Today is ROAR Day—the day we ask you to help us Raise Our Alumni Rate.

This is a 24-hour chance for Royals everywhere to join together in support and celebration of Bethel. Today is as much about telling your stories as it is about helping current students make memories of their own.

Whether you give $1 or $1 million, you’ll leave a mark on the Bethel community that will last for years to come.

Want to ROAR? Here's how.

Step 1 – Give

It doesn't matter how much you give, it matters that you give. One dollar. Five dollars. Ten million dollars. Every gift leaves its mark, and it all adds up to make a huge difference.

Give Now!

Step 2 – Spread the word

Throw on some Bethel gear, post a photo with your freshman roommate, and recruit a neighbor to visit campus. Tell the world why you love Bethel with the hashtag #BURoarDay.

How are we doing?

Total Gifts


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Top giving classes

  1. 2013, 23 gifts
  2. 2004, 14 gifts
  3. 2015, 11 gifts

What are people saying?


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frequently asked questions

What is ROAR Day?
ROAR Day is a one-day giving campaign on October 11, 2016. It’s a day for alumni, students, parents, friends, and fans from all over the world to celebrate their school and help build a brighter future for Bethel.

Why is giving today different from any other day?
Thanks to a group of generous donors, gifts on ROAR Day earn matching funds for Bethel schools and programs. In other words, your gift makes an even bigger impact! You make a huge difference when you give to Bethel. And for 24 hours on ROAR Day, your gift can do even more.

Can anyone participate in ROAR Day?
Absolutely! Support from everyone in the Bethel community (alumni, parents, friends, fans, staff, faculty, students) counts on this day.

Where does my gift go?
Your gift goes where you decide it goes. You may choose to designate your gift to a specific Bethel school or department, to Royal athletics, to our newly endowed faculty grant program, to the Royal Legacy scholarship for incoming students, to Bethel University overall, and to many other funds and projects. Just give online and select where you'd like to designate your gift.

Will 100% of my gift go where I designate it?

How can I help spread the word?
Your voice will help make ROAR Day a success. Post about ROAR Day on all of your social networks using #BURoarDay. Share a favorite memory or tell your friends why Bethel is special to you. Post a picture, take a video, or get creative!

Is my payment secure?
Yes. All payments will be processed using a secure online giving form. The information collected during ROAR Day will be used only by Bethel University.

Will my gift be tax-deductible?
Yes. As always, your gift to Bethel is fully tax-deductible. You’ll get a confirmation for your gift, and you’ll receive a receipt at year-end for this and any other gifts you make to Bethel in 2016-2017.

Can I make a recurring gift?
Yes. Choosing to become a recurring giver on ROAR Day may even qualify you for some special perks!

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