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Three Centers Approach

Bethel Seminary is unique.

We exist to grow Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, and vocationally. At Bethel, we don't fill brains with facts. We develop people with spirit, knowledge, skills, and passion to invest their lives in serving God's Kingdom. When you give to Bethel, you invest in future leaders whose influence lasts for generations.

What does it take to be a godly leader? The Bethel Seminary answer is found in our unique Three Centers approach to education.

Godly leaders are persons of Scripture. They know the Bible, and they know theology. They're skilled in faithful biblical interpretation. And they think theologically, which means they take biblical teaching and show its contemporary impact and relevance.

Godly leaders are persons of character. They're spiritually mature, so they lead from a deep well of satisfaction in Christ. They're loving, patient, truthful, courageous, humble, and faithful. Their influence doesn't emerge from a bag of leadership tricks. It rises up from a deep reservoir of faith.

Godly leaders are persons of influence. They understand people, individually and in groups. They reach out to care for the hurting, and they stand up to speak the truth. Their service to Christ is self-sacrificing, as they give of themselves, invest in others, and influence individuals, teams, and organizations.

Biblical theology. Christian character. Leadership influence.

Those who come to Bethel experience transformation - and God then uses them to transform others. The transformational education we offer at Bethel raises up men and women who exhibit these three virtues. God's Spirit uses them to transform the world.

When you support Bethel Seminary, you're joining a team that launches hundreds of godly leaders into the world.

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