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Madeline Koengeter FYE Appeal

My name is Madeline.

I'm a sophomore.
I'm a student leader. 
And I'm a Bethel donor.

I love stories. Everyone has one.

My Bethel story began when I started talking to people around me about my college search. My older brother—a football player at another local university—told me that Bethel was the place people went if they wanted a “real Christian education.” I never forgot that. 

Then there was June, a friend and mentor from my home church. I admired the way she invested in others—including me. I was curious to know June’s take on my college search. It turned out that she graduated from Bethel Seminary with a degree in Transformational Leadership—something I've always had a passion for, and something I didn't have any idea you could go to school for!

It has been interactions like these—and a host of others—that led me to Bethel, a decision I haven’t regretted for a moment.

Bethel feels like home. I love the feeling of Christian community that exists on campus. Classes like Christian Theology and Christianity in Western Culture have really impacted me. I love being on the Welcome Week staff and working as the director of student leadership for Bethel Student Government. Bethel’s core values are being woven into us by professors who are passionate about what they teach.

The summer before I started at Bethel, I received a call to interview with Royal Legacy as part of the student call team. Today, I serve as a team lead. The call team contacts alumni to ask if they would give to Bethel, but it's about a lot more than that. We want to hear about alumni’s experience at Bethel and help connect them to the university and Bethel students again. 

Royal Legacy’s mission to provide scholarships for Bethel students has become ingrained in me. It’s so close to my heart. I gave my first gift as a freshman, and re-committed that gift again this year. I tell other students that “giving today makes a place for students tomorrow,” and I encourage them to give as well.

My grandma was someone I really looked up to. She owned a girls’ camp in northern Wisconsin, and she had a way of making each person feel special. She showed me the value in looking for people’s individual gifts and encouraging them to use those gifts. In pursuing leadership, I’m living up to the example she set.

Being a leader and developing leadership skills in others is part of my story. So is giving back. Giving to Bethel helps provide spaces on campus that build community, and programs that develop students like me as a person. I want to be a part of providing that to others. I hope you do, too.

Will you join me by giving to Bethel today? 

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