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Why Give to Bethel?

As alumni, parents, friends, investors, faculty, and staff, we work together to serve Bethel’s students—providing them with the transformative, Christ-centered education they need to make a difference in our world.

We give in joy and gratitude believing it’s a privilege to help students who want to adventurously follow Christ. 

And we give as an act of worship, knowing it leaves a lasting, enduring legacy as Bethel graduates continue to live out Christ’s love in their neighborhoods and communities.

We believe deeply in helping students…

Live out Biblical truth.

Challenged in their faith, Bethel students ask tough questions in a safe environment and discuss differing viewpoints through Chapel, small groups, and other discipleship programs. Often mentored and encouraged by their professors, they leave with the personal strength and emotional intelligence to make the right, ethical choices.

Transform culture.

Through studies abroadmission trips, and local community service, Bethel students learn about those who need to hear the Gospel and the ways they can make a difference. Bethel graduates humbly offer hope and compassion to those around them, whether in the classroom, a concert hall, a board room, or a laboratory.

Advance the Gospel.

Through rigorous academics, students are prepared for success in their areas of interest, but not at the expense of nurturing their faith. Graduates know that as Christians, they can excel in their careers while sharing the news that God’s love is for everyone.

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Be a partner in our mission to serve Bethel students—to educate and energize them for leadership, scholarship, and service that will make an eternal impact.

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Carl and Mary Schmuland share their passion for supporting Bethel students.

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