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Alumni Support Matters

As a Bethel alum, giving to your alma mater has some benefits.

Boosting the Value of Your Degree

The Alumni Participation Rate (APR) is the percentage of alumni who give back to Bethel. It’s a key measurement used throughout the nation as a part of school rankings—showing how engaged alumni are with their alma mater.

As alumni give, Bethel’s APR increases. And as our APR increases, so does Bethel’s reputation—and the value of your degree.

How the APR is tied to your degree:

  • National publications such as U.S. News & World Report rate alumni participation as a factor in ranking schools. 
  • Bethel will continue to attract quality students, recruit outstanding faculty, and maintain the strength of our programs.
  • Each gift increases the likelihood that Bethel will receive scholarship and grant money from foundations and corporations, making the school more financially sound.

Supporting Fellow Royals

Each gift to Bethel goes right into keeping the Bethel experience alive for students.

Join with fellow alumni, parents, friends, investors, faculty, and staff as we work together to serve Bethel’s students and provide them with the transformative education they need to make a difference in our world.

How You Can Participate

Each gift made by alumni is important—whether it’s $1,000 or $1.

Help enhance Bethel’s strength and show your peers and prospective students that you value your school and your degree by making an online donation today.

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