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How can you use nonverbal cues to make your classroom management more effective?

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While the needs of today’s students are increasing, effective classroom management strategies can prevent teacher burnout and contribute to increased student achievement.

Classroom teacher Michael Grinder noticed that some teachers effortlessly managed their classrooms while other teachers with the exact same students struggled. After thousands of classroom observations, what he discovered was surprisingly obvious.

The best teachers save their voice for teaching while managing behavior non-verbally. This greatly increases the amount of instruction and—even more surprisingly—students’ independence in any subject at any age.

Unlike typical classroom management programs, this doesn’t require extra preparation time or changes to curriculum; it just takes awareness and practice. Grinder identified 31 nonverbal teacher behaviors that promote productivity, positive relationships, and sanity in the classroom. Thousands of teachers have successfully implemented the skills and are teaching with more energy and greater results than ever before.

You can try these practical techniques and experience results right away when you sign up for Bethel University’s free video series: Quick Classroom Management Tips, based on the ENVoY (Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks) program by Michael Grinder.

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About Quick Classroom Management Tips

Nathan Elliott, an instructor in Bethel’s Classroom Management Strategies: ENVoY Certificate program, presents the tips in this video series. He will show you how your nonverbal communication—the way you speak, move, stand, and more—can have a tremendous impact on students’ behavior in the classroom. Elliott is a certified ENVoY trainer and coach, a 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year semi-finalist, and a 2011 TIES Exceptional Teacher.

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