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Spain Term


Be immersed in the language, culture and lifestyle of Segovia • Interact with local students and families through homestay • Travel to Madrid, Andalucía, and regional areas of interest • Seamless course integration with Bethel’s Spanish curriculum

Program Description

At the Center for Hispanic Studies, an on-site director and qualified faculty teach all classes in Spanish, taking into consideration the proficiency of the students. Students will live with a Spanish host family and will also be able to interact with native Spanish speakers and university students through organized cultural and language exchanges at the Center. Though geared toward Spanish majors and minors, Spain Term is open to any student who has completed two years of college level Spanish or the equivalent.

Courses (15-18 credits total)

Classes are held at the Centro de Estudios Hispanicos de Segovia, a study center located in the historic 15th century Palacio de Villafane. The center is situated in the heart of the historice center of Segovia ("El Casco Viejo") and provides modern facilities with its classrooms, meeting spaces, and free WIFI. Classes are taught by local faculty to Bethel participants and other study abroad students taking courses at the CEHS facility. Spain Term participants will receive the Z-tag general education requirement for their semester abroad. 

SEGOVIA COURSE OFFERINGS                          

SPA120A  Photography in Spain (carries cross-credit in Art)

SPA292    Ibero-American History in Spain

SPA300    Introduction to Hispanic Literature

SPA303U  Spanish Civilization and Culture

SPA316    Modern Spain:  An Examination in Ethics

SPA317    Advanced Communication in Spain

SPA318    Classical Literature in Spain

SPA481     Internship in Spanish

SPA499    Senior Seminar (with program director approval)

BUS327    International Marketing and Management in Spain (cross-listed as SPA327)

TEL240     TESOL Practicum Abroad      (students will register for this course in the spring)

  • Students completing their TESOL practicum will register for that course upon return in the spring
  • A directed study also can be arranged with deparmental approval

Spain Term Program Staff

Bethel Contact for overall program and academic questions:

Dr. Donna LeGrand, Program Director (Department of Modern World Languages)

Bethel Contact for applications, billing, and visas:

Melanie Eslinger, Assistant Director of International Studies

On-site Staff

The Bethel group is led on-site by Ricardo de Augusta, director of the Centro de Estudios Hispanicos de Segovia. He has native fluency in both English and Spanish, and provides academic oversight, orientations, excursions, and other support to students as they adjust to their classes, homestays, and culture. Ricardo and an on-site program assistant provide whatever assistance a student may need. 

Academic Extras

Multiple internship or service-learning opportunities are available. The prestigious Museo de Esteban Vicente offers an internship to a Bethel student with the appropriate art-related interest and level of Spanish proficiency.  Other students have completed internships with the municipal government or local businesses. 


A United Nations Heritage of Humanity site, Segovia is a quaint, yet modern city just one hour from Madrid. Beautiful mountains and vast cultural and natural attractions surround Segovia. This city of 55,000 also offers numerous plazas, cafes, museums, historic sites and its famous Roman aqueduct. It is an ideal setting for language study and interaction with Spaniards.

Travel (subject to change)

Students have the opportunity to explore many different regions in Spain through travel (included in program fee):

Andalucía  Five days in southern Spain, exploring Moorish influences in the cities of Sevilla, Córdoba, and Granada.

Madrid  Two days in this exciting city, Spain’s capital and a major European cultural center.

Barcelona  Three days in in this Catalonian city on the Mediterranean coast, known for Gaudí architecture.

Five one-day excursions:

El Escorial / Valle de los Caídos  An amazing complex which once housed a monastery, basilica, palace quarters, and tombs of the royals. Nearby is the Valley of the Fallen, where visitors can climb a massive granite cross which stands as a memorial to those who died in the Spanish Civil War.

Toledo  Considered the “gem” of Spain’s history, a famous city influenced by three major religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Salamanca / Avila  Quintessential Spanish towns with a medieval feel. Considered to be free from advertisements and pollution, these towns boast stone walls from the 12th century.

Ruta de los Castillos  Castles are one of the most impressive images of Europe, and Spain offers many of them. The “route” of castles features many constructed in the 12th century.

La Granja de San Ildefonso / Real Fábrica de Cristales  La Granja is considered to be the most extravagant of the four royal summer palaces and houses the Royal Crystal Factory.


Living in Spanish homestays provides students with maximum cultural and linguistic interaction with one student per home. The on-site director chooses the families with great care and excels at communicating his expectations with them. Students receive their meals at home. On group excursions of more than one day, students are responsible for their meals.

Faith Formation

Students have the opportunity to explore faith integration in a variety of ways, including participation in a local church and a student-led Bible study; students also may volunteer in community outreach activities in a suburb near Madrid.  


  • • Completion of two years of college-level Spanish (through Intermediate II) or the equivalent
  • • Minimum sophomore standing (by year, not credits)
  • • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • See application for additional policies


Tentative dates are Aug. 29 – Dec. 11.

Important dates

Jan. 15         Initial application deadline (includes $50 non-refundable application fee; a $250 confirmation deposit required 2 weeks after notice of acceptance

Feb 25         Secondary application deadline if space is available; same deposit schedule as above

April 30        Study Abroad Orientation 

May             Four pre-departure meetings (mandatory)

August         Final program payment due with Fall bill

Aug. 29        Tentative departure date

Dec. 11        Tentative return date


Students pay a comprehensive fee equivalent to Bethel’s tuition, room (junior level), and full board (Royal meal plan). This includes tuition, room, most meals, approximately eight trips/ excursions, and round-trip airfare (Minneapolis–Madrid). Financial aid applies (with the exception of work-study and Bethel performance scholarships, i.e. orchestra, forensics). Additional costs include meals on excursions longer than one day, Spanish student visas (may involve a trip to the Spanish consulate in Chicago or other location), passports, immunizations, and personal spending.  

Next steps

  • Talk with Donna LeGrand,program director, legdon@bethel.edu or 651.638.6544.
  • Talk with your academic advisor – off-campus study should complement your field of study.
  • Ask questions –contact the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies for more information.
  • Contact study abroad office for application, CC320A