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Part of the reason that Bethel offers such a wide variety of study abroad programs is so that students from any major can find a program that advances their academic and career goals. Our programs are not limited to certain majors, and many offer a variety of course options within the program itself. No matter what your academic interests are or where you want to study abroad, we are confident that we have a program for you.

Most students study abroad in their sophomore or junior years. Students attending a semester program must be at least 18 years old and have 30 credits in order to study abroad. Some students do study abroad for a semester in their senior year, but Bethel’s residency requirement for upperclassmen is not met by all programs, so options may be limited for seniors wishing to study abroad. Seniors studying abroad must fill out a residency requirement petition form through the Registrar’s Office.

Grade/Credit Transfers

The courses you take abroad will transfer back to Bethel in various ways, depending on the program you choose.  Students transferring in credits will want to complete a course petition form, noting the courses to be taken abroad and the course or requirement you would like it to meet at Bethel. Sometimes courses will be direct equivalents to courses in the Bethel catalog, and other times they will simply meet a Gen.Ed. requirement or major elective. Work with your advisor and department chair before you go to determine how your study abroad courses will transfer back. It is recommended that you petition more courses than you will actually take in case there is a conflict with a course not being offered after all. 

For courses transferred in from a foreign university, you will need to earn the equivalent of a C in the course for Bethel to accept the credit.  Bethel will not transfer in failing grades.  The letter grade will appear on your transcript, but will not be factored into your GPA for the semester.

Bethel programs and other programs where Bethel grants the credit (most CCCU programs) will be factored into the GPA as usual. 


In order to study abroad, you must still have an active registration at Bethel (exception—students with Preferred Readmit status). Students on Spain Term, Guatemala Term, England Term, and Europe Term Business will register for their specific program courses, as they are found in the Bethel catalog. Students on all other programs will register for the course GES284 (18 credits). This is a generic placeholder course that keeps you enrolled as a full-time student so your billing and financial aid can continue to be processed through Bethel.  Once the program is complete and the transcript arrives at Bethel, the correct course titles and credits will be substituted on your academic record. 

Please note:  Your student account with the Business Office must be paid before you will be able to register for your semester abroad.  You MUST be registered in order to study abroad.  In addition, any holds on your account will prevent you from registering for your return semester to Bethel.