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Information Technology Services improves how Bethel uses technology by collaborating with you. We want to support you and help you improve how you do your work. We want to increase the satisfaction of faculty, staff, students, and friends of Bethel as they experience our university through technology. We want to help the university innovate efficient operations and enrich teaching and learning opportunities. ITS is led by Mark Posner, Vice President for Information Technology Services.

User Support and Engagement group

Lead by Joel Erickson, USE wants to help you get the most out of your technology. Whether you are seeking help with the Service Desk or assistance with the procurement and management of applications, the USE group wants to be your technology support and innovation partner.

Service Desk team

  • Joseph Herter, Service Desk Manager
  • Jesse Dresselhaus, Service Desk Specialist

Applications team

  • Cameron Richards, Manager of Applications
  • Stefan Kuhl, Applications Specialist
  • Josh Saterdalen, Application Integration Specialist

Infrastructure group

Michael Spande leads a group that keeps Bethel connected. Bethel's infrastructure of networks, servers, storage computers, and phones are tools that allow people to work together.

  • Bill Buchanan, Telecommunications Engineer
  • Ryan DeYoung, Infrastructure Analyst

Desktop Support team

  • Jacob Jensen, Desktop/LAN Specialist
  • Brice LaBelle, Desktop/LAN Specialist

Systems Administration team

  • Jeremy Mooney, Enterprise Architect
  • Aaron Jensen, System Administrator
  • Jason Waters, System Administrator

Web Services group

Bethel communicates with the world through our presence on the World Wide Web. The Web Services team develops and maintains the design and content that supports education and tells Bethel's story.

  • Eric Jameson, Web Developer
  • Jacob Johnson, Web Designer
  • Caleb Schwarze, Web Developer
  • Philip Gibbens, Junior Web Developer

Enterprise Information Systems and Services Group

The EISS group is mostly known through Banner and Argos. This group collects and stores information that Bethel uses in our daily operations. For example, this information allows the Office of University Registrar to collect grades and the Business Office to pay bills. EISS also is helping Bethel innovate and improve by developing new tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency of Bethel's academic and business functions.

  • Lisa Carlson, Associate Director of EISS
  • Dan Edinger, Systems Analyst
  • Gene Gjerdingen, Systems Analyst
  • Dave Holter, Data Base Administrator
  • Michael Johnson, Database Administrator
  • Cathy Munoz, Business Systems Analyst
  • Gregg Owens, Software Engineer
  • Gary Seaberg, Business Systems Analyst
  • Derek Stavem, Systems Analyst
  • Jay Swisher, Integration Systems Analyst


  • Natalie Williams, Administrative Project and Planning Coordinator