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[its-outages] User VPN Security Upgrades - Thursday, March 5th, 2am

What: User VPN Security Upgrades When: Thursday, March 5th, 2am Affected: Cisco Anyconnect VPN users Details: We will be rebooting our user VPN appliance early Thursday morning to install security patches. All active Anyconnect VPN sessions will be terminated. On Thursday morning, users should

[its-outages] Adirondack Brief Outage

*What: *Adirondack *When: *3p-3:30p *Affected: *Myhousing, THD, and all components of Adirondack will be unavailable briefly, between 3:10p & 3:15p this afternoon. Housing Application deadlines is at 3p, and the server will be restarted shortly after the application window closes. *Details: *We

[its-outages] Telephone system

Telecom will be preforming maintenance on Bethel's Fujitsu telephone system between 5:30 and 6:00 am on Thursday 2/26/2015. The telephone system will be out of service for about 5 minutes during that time. This will cause message waiting lamps to go off, even if you have messages in your voice ma

[its-outages] BLink Outage

BLink crashed about 3:10 this afternoon. It has been restarted and it now running normally. We will examine the log files to try to determine the reason for the crash. We will continue to monitor the application to make sure it is working normally. Thanks for your patience, *Rod Larson* | Ap

[its-outages] Telephone services To and From Campus

Bethel's two primary T1's (Phone services from Bethel's local exchange vendor) were out of service two times today. First time was about 8:00 am for about 30 minutes and again at 10:00 am for another 30 minutes. We are working with our local exchange vendor to determine the cause and how they ca

[its-outages] TMA & EMS Brief Outage

What: TMA & EMS When: 12:30p - 1p Affected: All access to WebTMA, iServiceDesk, and all components of EMS (VirtualEMS, WebClient, CPI, etc) will be unavailable briefly during the time mentioned above. Details: We are addressing current issues with TMA, and are committing a database restart. Pl

[its-outages] Wireless Network Maintenance

What: Wireless Access Point Reboots When: Friday, February 20, 2015 starting at 10:00pm-6:00am Saturday February 21, 2015. Details: During our normal maintenance window Network Services will be rebooting the wireless access points on the Saint Paul Campus. Each wireless access point will be una

[its-outages] Website and Moodle outage

Date: Wednesday February 18th, 10pm. What: Website and Moodle outage Why: A server needs to restarted to apply some configuration changes. Both the public website ( and Moodle will be down for a short period of time. Please let me know if you have any questions. Eric -- Eric J

[its-outages] BSP-NAS2 Restart Tonight 2-13-14

When: Friday, 2/13/15 10pm What: bsp-nas2 restart Affects: bsp-nas2 shares will be unavailable Description: Restart of BSP-NAS2. *Jason Waters* System Admin | 651.635.8720

[its-outages] Blink restart

What: Blink restart When: Wednesday February 11th during the 10-12 p.m. outage window. Why: Blink needs to be restarted to apply some configuration changes. Please let me know if you have any questions. Eric -- Eric Jameson Web Developer Web and Creative Services Bethel University 651.635.239

[its-outages] BSP_NAS and BSP-NAS2 Maintenance 2-11-15

When: Wednesday, 2/11/15 from 10pm -12am What: bsp-nas and bsp-nas2 maintenance Affects: User home directories, department shares and bsp-nas2 shares will be intermittently available. Description: Maintenance requiring restart of both servers. *Jason Waters* System Admin | 651.

[its-outages] TMA and EMS maintenance

What: TMA and EMS maintenance When: Tonight, February 4th, 2015 10pm - Midnight Affects: TMA and EMS intermittenly available Description: Maintenance affecting the servers that run TMA and EMS will be going on this evening and may cause intermittent availability. Zachary Newman | System Administr

[its-outages] WAN Firewall updates - Wednesday, February 4th, 5am-6am

What: WAN Firewall updates When: Wednesday, February 4th, 5am - 6am Affected: Minimal intermittent interruption of WAN connectivity. Details: We will be upgrading the firmware of our primary WAN firewall. During the upgrade we will failover to our secondary firewall. Any internet connectivity

[its-outages] Banner production systems unavailable Friday evening

The Banner production systems (PROD8, INB, SSB, CARS, and UC4) will be unavailable Friday, 1/30/15, from 9PM until 11PM, for system maintenance. Please send me an email if you have any questions. Thank you, Dave Holter -- David A. Holter DBA Bethel University 3900 Bethel Dr. #2355 Saint Paul,

[its-outages] Short service outages tonight

Tonight in our normal maintenance window starting at 10pm CST, we will have rolling outages of most Bethel services. All services should be back online well before the end of the maintenance window. This includes CAS (authentication), the web site, Blink, Moodle and most other systems. Banner sy