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[its-outages] Web Resources Outage

What: Web resource maintenance When: Wednesday, 3/25/15, 10pm - 12am Affects: Web resources (Moodle,, mailman, auth, and many others) will be intermittently available Description: We will be preforming restarts of various web resources this evening starting at 10pm which will result i

[its-outages] Sendmail/ Smarthost Outage

Starting around 2am today our smarthost smtp server started intermittently not processing messages due to an out of space and out of memory situation. The issues were resolved at ~12:40pm today, but smarthost is still catching up on messages that were queued. If you continue to see issues going

[its-outages] Network Firmware Upgrades

What: Switch and Access Point Firmware Upgrades When: Tuesday March 16-Friday March 20, 2-5am Affected: All network connections on the St. Paul campus Details: Throughout the week Network Services will slowly push out new firmware to our switches and wireless access points. Network access will b

[its-outages] EMS Upgrade/Outage

*What: *EMS Campus (VirtualEMS, EMSWebClient, CPI, & Campus Client) *When: *Tomorrow*, *Friday, March 13th 2015, 8:30a - 10a. *Affected: *All access to EMS Campus production (bsp-cmpsrv-h4) will be briefly unavailable. *Details: *We will be installing the latest upgrades on all EMS Campus com

[its-outages] Core Router Firmware Updates, Thursday, March 12th, 5am-6am

What: Core Router Firmware Update When: Thursday, March 12th, 5am-6am Affected: All Bethel St. Paul Network Services Details: We will be updating the firmware on our core routers. This will cause interruptions for all network connectivity on Bethel's St. Paul campus. ______________ Jesse Voig

[its-outages] BSP_NAS and BSP-NAS2 Maintenance 3-11-15

When: Wednesday, 3/11/15 from 10pm -12am What: bsp-nas and bsp-nas2 maintenance Affects: User home directories, department shares and bsp-nas2 shares will be intermittently available. Description: Maintenance requiring restart of both servers. *Jason Waters* System Admin | 651.

[its-outages] Moodle

*What*: Intermittent Moodle issues *When*: Sunday March 8th, exact time unsure. *Why*: One of the Moodle filesystems filled to 100% this morning. When certain pages were loaded and Moodle tried to write to the desk, it would as there was no space remaining. This was causing the Web Pages to not lo

[its-outages] AV East Wireless

The wireless issue that impacted AV East B,C,D,E and G yesterday has been resolved. After the network outage yesterday morning a switch level feature in these buildings blocked DHCP requests to the Wireless Access Points. This kept them from reestablishing their connections to the network. The s

[its-outages] Intermittent Moodle issues.

Moodle is having intermittent issues. We are investigating the cause. Eric Jameson Web & Creative Services -- Eric Jameson Web Developer Web and Creative Services Bethel University 651.635.2396

Re: [its-outages] Network and service outage

As of 2:07p this afternoon Blink, Footprints & Adirondack are back up and running. If you experience any issues going forward, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks, *Stefan Kuhl* | Applications Specialist | 651.635.8620 On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Jeremy Moo

[its-outages] Network and service outage

Today just before 10:30CST one of our core switches started having problems, leading to a network and service outage. Network services had the network core online and stable by about 11:30. APs in a few locations are still not back online, and they are still investigating that. The nature of the

[its-outages] Blink Restart

*What:* Blink *When: *12p (Noon), Today, Friday, March 6th, 2015 *Affected:* All access to will be unavailable for a few minutes. *Details:* We're addressing issues between the luminis and moodle connection. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, *Stefan Kuhl*

[its-outages] Moodle is now available

Moodle is now available for use. Network services is investigating the cause of the core router outage, which temporarily disrupted Moodles's ability to communicate with its disks. -- David A. Holter DBA Bethel University 3900 Bethel Dr. #2355 Saint Paul, MN 55112 651-638-6414

[its-outages] Network Outage

Approximately 5:39PM the core routers rebooted disrupting network connectivity for approximately 4 minutes. Network Services is currently investigating the cause. If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk. -- Daniel Makosky Network Services Bethel University

[its-outages] Moodle unavailable

Moodle stopped responding at approximately 5:40 PM this evening. We are currently working on bringing it back online, and will send out further updates as they are available. Thank you, Dave Holter -- David A. Holter DBA Bethel University 3900 Bethel Dr. #2355 Saint Paul, MN 55112 651-638-641