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The following links will log you into BLink, with the linked account, so that you are able to see what how content will appear for that account.

Applicant Accounts

Applicant-CAS-Applied Applicant-BSSP-Applied
Applicant-CAS-Accepted Applicant-BSSP-Accepted
Applicant-CAS-FeePaid Applicant-BSSP-FeePaid
Applicant-CAPS-Applied Applicant-BSSD-Applied
Applicant-CAPS-Accepted Applicant-BSSD-Accepted
Applicant-CAPS-FeePaid Applicant-BSSD-FeePaid

Student Accounts

CAS Student Recent CAS Student
CAPS Student Recent CAPS Student
GS Student Recent GS Student
BSSP:  Traditional Recent BSSP Student
BSSP:  Distance Recent BSSD Student
BSSD:  Traditional Recent BSOE Student
BSSD:  Distance  

Resident Accounts

Resident-Bodien Resident-East Resident-Edgren
  Resident-Getsch Resident-Heritage
Resident-Lissner Resident-Nelson Resident-North Village

Faculty Accounts

CAS Faculty Recent CAS Faculty Sponsored CAS Faculty
CAPS Faculty Recent CAPS Faculty Sponsored CAPS Faculty
GS Faculty Recent GS Faculty Sponsored GS Faculty
BSSP Faculty Recent BSSP Faculty Sponsored BSSP Faculty
BSSD Faculty Recent BSSD Faculty Sponsored BSSD Faculty

Staff Accounts

STP Staff Sponsored STP Staff
BSSD Staff Sponsored BSSD Staff

Alumni Roles

CAS Alumni BSSP Alumni
CAPS Alumni BSOE Alumni
GS Alumni BSSD Alumni

Employee Roles

St. Paul Employee
Seminary San Diego Employee
Seminary of the East Employee

Retiree And Emeriti Roles

Retiree & Emeriti

Campus Roles

St. Paul Campus
San Diego Campus
Seminary of the East Campus