Information Technology Services

Employee Computer Request Form

This form is used by all Bethel Employees to request a computer for either a new employee or an upgrade for an existing employee.

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We need at least three days advance notice for standard equipment.
---Special orders subject to limited availability---



Current computer tag number (Type 'none' for new employee):

Requesting Mac or PC?
Mac requests are subject to approval based on job specific requirement of Mac OS
Requesting a Desktop or a Laptop?
  • The PC 2014-2015 standard laptop is a Dell Latitude 14.1" widescreen display laptop
  • The Mac 2014-2015 standard laptop is the 13" MacBook Pro
  • Upgrade options and costs are available in the Accessories and Upgrades section

Reason(s) for this request (i.e. What is your current system not able to do?)

Please indicate the types of work you normally do or will be doing on your computer.

Non-Standard Software (All Bethel systems come with Microsoft Office)

Please indicate any advanced application you might need. Supply a budget number below.

Budget #:

Budget numbers are required for hardware, software, and accessories not part of the standard Bethel issue for all Bethel employees.

Accessories and Upgrades

Full-time employees will receive the requested standard system at no cost to the department. We provide older systems at no cost to part-time employees. If you believe you have need for a system other than a standard system, your department will be charged for the upgrade according to the list below. Please make your selections accordingly. Note that departments are responsible for the full cost for part-time employees of any request beyond the normally-provided older system. Call the Director of User Services at X6297 if you have questions.

Software listed below will be installed by ITS. Other packages not listed will be delivered in the retail package and ITS will provide only minimal installation assistance with those software. Users will be responsible for the appropriate use and the upkeep of all requested software. Please refer to ITS Software Policy for more information.



Extra Questions or Requests

For more information, please refer to the Bethel Employee Hardware Service Level Agreement at: