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As you get started at Bethel, you will discover that you will be using new technologies or familiar technologies in new ways. If you need additional assistance, contact the Help Desk by emailing helpdesk@bethel.edu or call 651.638.6500.

Help with using technology to teach is available from Teaching and Learning Technology.

Getting Connected

Bethel Community Account

Your username and password provided by your Bethel Community Account identifies you to Bethel's computers and digital services. Account resources are provided by groups associated with them. Make group requests in Identity Access Management (IAM) to regulate your Bethel Community Account.

Information Storage at Bethel

You are encouraged to store work related files on Bethel's file servers (BSP-NAS). You are given 1 GB of storage space in your personal drive and may request additional storage space as needed.

The Bethel file servers have a drive just for you, on Windows computers, the U drive and on Apple computers the personal drive. You will also find the Department drives as they are known on Apple computers, the Q drive as it is know on Windows computers. Department drives are for files that belong to Bethel and for collaboration. Your department or office will have specific best practices they are following with these drives.

You may also store files on Google Drive, Bethel's collaboration tool connected to your email account. Learn more about Google Drive.


Check out our tips on how to keep your computer and personal data protected by using safe online practices.

Online Resources

You will find that Bethel provides tools and services to advance teaching and learning at Bethel: