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Allowing Pop-ups for BLink in Firefox

In order for BLink to work properly pop-ups must be allowed for Blink sites.

To allow pop-ups complete one of the following two instructions:

First Method:

1. When you get to the  BLink website a yellow border will appear at the top of your screen giving you a "Preferences" button to select.  Select the "Preferences" button.

2.  Within the drop down menu that appears, select the option to "Allow pop-ups for"

Pop-ups should be permitted for blink once this process is completed

Allow Pop-ups

Second Method

1. Choose the Firefox Tab on the Toolbar Menu and
choose Preferences on the Firefox drop-down menu
Firefox Preferences
2. By the "Block pop-up windows" option, select the "Exceptions" button.

3. In the box that appears, type the blink address <> in the "Address of website" textbox. 

Then select the Allow button to disable pop-ups for BLink.

Allow Button