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Cisco WebEx

Used for group collaboration from individual offices, huddle rooms, or in a conference room setting. Allows for the sharing of both audio and video, screen sharing, and “whiteboard” collaboration. Community members have WebEx accounts available for their use at


Used when a group of people on campus are in a meeting room together wanting to make a call that they can all hear and talk.

Audio Conference Bridge

Used when three or more people (or parties, if a speakerphone is being used) are wanting to all call into one phone call. All participants call one number and are all brought together by entering their assigned conference number.

A 48-hour notice is needed for scheduling the conference.

Compressed Video Conference

Used for two or three Bethel locations where Bethel video conferencing equipment can be set up.

A one-week notice is needed for a two-site video conference.

A two-week notice is needed for more than three-site set up. A video bridge from an outside source will be needed which will be charged back to the requesting department's budget.

For information about teaching with video online please contact Teaching and Learning Technology for options.