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The Teaching and Learning Technology team provides expertise and service to Bethel University in the areas of instructional technology and design in the pursuit of innovation and excellence in teaching and learning. We do this through...

Educating faculty and students

  • ongoing professional development
  • technology
  • orientation for new faculty and students

Providing teaching and learning tools and support

  • administration of key academic software suites
  • deployment of media
  • just-in-time training and support

Instructional design and consulting

  • program design
  • course design
  • media development
  • design of physical and virtual learning spaces

Advocacy and strategic collaboration

  • advocating for effective integration of technology into face-to-face and online/distance education
  • providing liaisons to the academic units
  • collaborating as part of the Information Commons
  • collaborating with other departments and committees

Distinction Between TLT and ITS Help Desk

TLT collaborates extensively with the ITS Help Desk, but each team has a different focus. While the ITS Help Desk is primarily focused on helping Bethel clients who are having trouble exercising basic computing privileges, TLT focuses on helping faculty and students integrate technology into their teaching and learning. While TLT's help may occasionally involve helping clients with basic technological questions/issues, both teams strive to stay focused on their missions. So when clients visit the ITS Help Desk with questions about the application of technology to teaching and learning, Help Desk employees will typically direct them to TLT. And when clients visit TLT with technical issues that are generically keeping them from participating in Bethel's computing environment, TLT employees will typically direct them to the ITS Help Desk. In both cases, the teams do their best to make sure that clients are handed off smoothly and well-served.