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Borrowing Privileges

We've compiled policies related to borrowing materials from Bethel's library.

Library Cards

All library users must present a valid student ID or Bethel library card to check out library materials.

Check Out Periods

Loan periods for the majority of materials, locations and library users are:

Books 6 weeks (4 months for faculty)
Audio 6 weeks
Video up to 7 days
Equipment 24 hours

Renewing Library Materials

  • Books from CLIC libraries can be renewed twice in CLICsearch if there are no requests for them
  • Items may not be renewed if another library user has already placed a hold on them
  • Email Interlibrary Loan staff at the University Library regarding the renewal of non-CLIC books

Overdue Library Materials

  • Three notices via email will be sent to library users with overdue materials. If the materials are still not returned, a final billing notice will be sent to library users to your Bethel email address. If materials are not returned after this billing notice, they are then billed to their Bethel account with an attached fine.
  • All charges that are accrued as a result of violations of borrowing policies and procedures will be sent to the Bethel University Business Office, and, if not paid, will prevent a student from registering for classes for the next term, or from graduating
  • If you have been billed for an item that you returned, please contact the library from which the item was checked out


  • Book Replacement............... $65
  • DVD Replacement ............... $115
  • Equipment replacement........ Full retail price

Once the item is returned after being charged to your Bethel account, the charge will be reduced to $5.

Revoking Borrowing Privileges

  • Borrowing privileges may be revoked if there are substantial unpaid or unresolved charges on a library user's record

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