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Books or audio-visual material are put on reserve in the library in order to ensure that they are accessible to all of the students in a course. For each item, a loan period must be designated: 2 hours, 2 days, or 1 week. Students may search CLICsearch for course reserves by the professor's name or by the course name/number.

Putting Items on Reserve for a Course

Use the course reserves online form. Here are the steps:

  • Find the Item

    Items may be found online in a library database or in the library catalog. You can also bring in items from your personal collection, which will be returned to you when the reserve period is over.
    Note: Items from other CLIC schools, or from other libraries, CANNOT be placed on reserve.

    If Bethel's Library does not own something you wish to place on reserve, you may request that we purchase it using our materials request form. Please make your request at lest 4 weeks before your students will need to access the item.

  • Make Copyright Determination

    It can be difficult to know whether or how much copyright is a factor in your case. Please take a look at this copyright guide for helpful information about determining if you need to request permissions and how to do so.

    The libraries will facilitate placing items on reserve for students in strict accordance with U.S. Copyright Law. Obtaining copyright permissions is the responsibility of the instructor or department. For seminary faculty, consult your copyright liaison.

  • Make it available

    You can make items available in a Bethel library by filling out an online reserves form, or, for things like articles, you can often make them available in your Moodle course page.

    In a Bethel Library

    Fill out the course reserves form:

    Course Reserve Form

    Tip: In order for the students in your course to easily search for items on reserve, it is important the information on your form (which is what will be searchable in our catalog) matches your syllabus description.

    In Moodle

    Here are some links to information about linking articles in Moodle

    For Moodle help, contact

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