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Library Liaisons

Do you need help researching a specific subject but don't know whom to contact? Do your students need a library instruction session on how to use subject-specific databases and resources?

We're here to help! For your special research needs, please contact the appropriate librarian in the list below.

Library Liasons


Department Library Liaison Contact
All Seminary programs Dr. Tim Senapatiratne 651.635.2337

Undergraduate (CAS)

Department Library Liaison Contact
Art Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Biblical and Theological Studies Scott Kaihoi 651.638.6588
Biological Sciences Kent Gerber 651.638.6937
Business and Economics Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Chemistry Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Communication Studies Kaylin Creason 651-635-8797
Education Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
English & Journalism Kaylin Creason 651-635-8797
Human Kinetics & Applied Health Science Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
History Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Mathematics & Computer Science Kent Gerber 651.638.6937
Modern World Languages Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Music Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Nursing Kaylin Creason 651-635-8797
Philosophy Scott Kaihoi 651.638.6588
Physics Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Political Science Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Social Work Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Reconciliation Studies Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Theatre Arts Scott Kaihoi 651.638.6588

Other CAS Programs

AESC Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Digital Humanities Kent Gerber 651.638.6937
First-Year Programs Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Honors Program Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Humanities Program Scott Kaihoi 651.638.6588
ICA Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Inquiry Seminar

Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini


Adult Undergrad/Graduate (CAPS/GS)


Library Liaison


Accounting (CAPS)
Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Associate of Arts/Associate of Science
Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini 651.635.8539
Business Management (CAPS) Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Christian Ministries (CAPS) Scott Kaihoi 651.638.6588
Finance (CAPS)
Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Human Services (CAPS) Dr. Tim Senapatiratne 651.635.2337
Management Information Systems (CAPS) Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Nursing (CAPS) Kaylin Creason
Organizational Leadership (CAPS) Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Psychology (CAPS) Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Athletic Training (GS-M.S.) Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Athletic Training Leadership (GS-M.A.) Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Business Administration (GS-MBA) Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Counseling (GS-M.A.) Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Education, K-12 (GS-M.A.) Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Nursing & Nurse-Midwifery (GS-M.S.) Kaylin Creason 651-635-8797
Strategic Leadership (GS-M.A.) Earleen Warner 651.635.8750
Physician Assistant (GS-M.S.) Kaylin Creason 651-635-8797
Teaching (GS-M.A.) Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Special Education (GS-M.A.) Karen Dubay 651.638.6479
Educational Administration (GS-Ed.D.) Rhonda Gilbraith 651.638.6221
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