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Conference & Event Services Team

From event ideation to post-event wrap-up, we collaborate with event stakeholders and support staff to cover all the planning bases and ensure event success.

We assist with a wide variety of events—from large university conferences and events to small-scale gatherings—and deliver consistent, appropriate service that presents Bethel well to internal and external guests.

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Avis Soderstrom

Director of Conference and Event Services


Instinctive. Strategic. Crafter.
Areas of Expertise: Every day is a party when Avis is in the room. She anticipates the impact, timing and shared resources of events.

Kerri Baker

Manager of Conference and Event Technical Services


Brooke Deneen

Room Scheduling and Conference and Event Services Specialist


Andrea Hendricks

Manager of Benson Great Hall, Conferences, and Camps


Brooke Jameson

Conference and Event Services Specialist


Jan Jessup

Senior Conference and Event Services Specialist


Organized. Optimistic. Outdoor enthusiast.
Areas of Expertise: Lives and breathes the details of event planning and communicates them clearly to all who need to know.

Amy Kelsey

Box Office Manager and Conference and Event Services Specialist


Ryan Rueckert

Conference and Event Services Technician


Kyle Sherer

House Manager of Benson Great Hall


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