Lindsay Burman: From Division I to Division III

November 19, 2012 | 11 a.m.

The hockey player gave up her scholarship to come to Bethel 

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Lindsay Burman: From Division I to Division III

Former Division I hockey player Lindsay Burman is now a forward for a Royals squad that went 9-7-2 in conference last season. | Photo for The Clarion courtesy of Sports Information

Lindsay Burman was born to play hockey. Her love for the game developed at a young age through watching her older brother play in high school. After trying soccer and gymnastics, a first-grade Burman told her mom she wanted to be a hockey player, and she stuck with it. 

Burman’s impressive play for Cambridge High School netted her several NCAA Division I offers. Ohio State University, Niagara Falls University and Quinnipiac University offered her substantial scholarships to come and play for them. Burman ended up at Quinnipiac in Connecticut after falling in love with the small school, the hockey team and the attitude of the coaches.

For Burman, life at college was much different from life in high school. The distance between Minnesota and Connecticut made her feel isolated from her friends and family, forcing Burman to rely on God and His word.

“I had to lean more on my faith,” she said. “I started to reconnect with God a lot more than usual. I never got into faith until I really didn’t have a lot of people to lean on.”

When the hockey season began, Burman experienced immediate success, playing on the first and second lines for the Quinnipiac Bobcats. However, her performance on the ice was overshadowed by incidences with her coaches off the ice. 

Due to several events during her freshman hockey season, Burman decided that it was in her best interest to transfer. She began to look at other colleges such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison and St. Cloud State University. Burman never considered Bethel until one of her teammates encouraged her to look into it. 

While Burman continued to pray and explore other colleges, she couldn’t get Bethel out of her mind. After completing her freshman year at Quinnipiac, she made the decision to transfer.

“Everything came back to Bethel,” she said. “I came back to do a visit, and I fell in love. The atmosphere and everything fell into place like I was supposed to end up here.” 

Now a junior at Bethel, Burman doesn’t regret her decision to move from Division I to Division III at all.

“My decision wasn’t just based on hockey; it was based on faith,” Burman said. “I would rather have my faith be greater than the sport.”

According to Burman, there are many differences between Quinnipiac and Bethel, but the best change has been the support she has received as a Royal. Due to academic complications, Burman was forced to sit out last season. This year, she is enjoying the opportunity to play and has a positive outlook for the women’s hockey team. 

“Our team is so connected,” she said. “We have a lot of good chemistry, and I feel we will make it far.” 

Lindsay’s hockey journey once led her to a place where she felt isolated. Now it has led her to a community that supports her not only in hockey, but also in her faith.


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