New professor series: Geri Von Grey

September 25, 2012 | 4 p.m.

Introducing the new faces around Bethel

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New professor series: Geri Von Grey

Geri Von Grey joins the Bethel community in the Department of Education. | Courtesy of Academic Affairs

“I think I always just dreamed of being a teacher,” Geri Von Grey said.  She came to Bethel for her undergrad in both psychology and education, but it soon became clear to her that education was her vocation.  “Teaching others and helping them to work toward their goals and their dreams was my main motivation.”

This semester Von Grey is guiding the Student Teaching Seminar for senior education students.  The seminar helps prepare future teachers to deal with the practical matters of life after college—licensure, job interviews, and hands-on teaching experience.  “It’s really fun to see students at the senior level when they’re ready to launch and get their first teaching jobs,” she said.

Von Grey encourages students to enjoy their Bethel years.  “It’s a really unique and wonderful time to pursue who God has called you to be, not necessarily only in academics but also in your social world and in your spiritual world,” she said.  “Just holistically embrace this time in your life.”

In the next few years, Von Grey hopes to take up the beekeeping trade at her family’s nearby home.  She and her husband also aspire to someday climb Mount Kilimanjaro.



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