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Frogtown and Summit-University

The Thomas/Dale neighborhood, commonly known as "Frogtown," is located just west of the Minnesota State Capitol, along Interstate 94. Frogtown joins with the adjunct Summit U. neighborhood to create Frogtown/Summit U. (FSU) - a hub of urban activity. Situated in one of St. Paul's oldest neighborhoods, the cultural landscape of FSU is composed of Southeast Asians, African-Americans, Germans, Native Americans, and East Africans. The FSU community is a mixture of residential, rental, and business property. FSU is a working-class community yet many residents are economically stressed.

Bethel University, along with the FSU Community Partnership, has intentionally made their presence known in the community through service, civic, social and spiritual engagement.

Frogtown and Summit-University (FSU) neighborhoods in St. Paul and members of the Bethel community have joined hands in a unique partnership of learning - a partnership based on trust, accountability, and reciprocity. Designed to be long term, this partnership is building unity among a diverse community.