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FSU Partnership Advisory Committee

Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC)

Residents of the FSU neighborhood, FSU organizational leaders, and members of the Bethel University community have joined hands in a unique partnership of learning. The Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) serves as a community/agency/university body. The PAC fosters longstanding and intentional relationships with the FSU communities through a partnership based on trust, accountability, and reciprocity. This unique partnership, acting as a bridge between campus and community, is building unity within a diverse society.

PAC Mission Statement

The mission of the partnership between stakeholders in the Frogtown and Summit-U Neighborhoods and Bethel University is to build and nurture an intentional, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with stakeholders in the FSU neighborhoods and Bethel.

Current Co-Chairs

Ruth Rodriguez
Volunteer Coordinator at Hubbs Center

Dr. Harley Schreck
Professor of Anthropology Emeritus at Bethel University