☰ In This Section

Before the Course Begins

  • Meet with the Service-Learning Assistant Director
  • Develop the syllabus
  • Finalize service-learning sites with the Assistant Director
  • Send out details to your students (details will be provided by the Assistant Director)

First Week

  • Discuss service-learning as part of the syllabus.
  • Discuss student letter of understanding.
  • Students choose service-learning sites; complete "Service-Learning Application"
  • Assignment on student expectations prior to their first site visit

Second Week 

  • Students make first visit to site for site orientation/ training

During the Semester

  • Reflection activities, critical analysis assignments designed to tie service to course content, etc., as specified in the syllabus.
  • Mid-semester monitoring: How is it Going

At Semester's End

  • Administer post-service learning evaluation (provided by Assistant Director of service-learning)

After the Course

  • Debrief sites with the Assistant Director