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Copyrighted Material Media Request

This form must be completed and copyright permissions obtained before a link to the media will be placed in your Moodle or Blackboard course. Media links are valid only for the course and/or section(s) that they were requested for. Links cannot be reused for a different course or term without first completing this form and re-obtaining the appropriate copyright permissions.

Copyrighted media must be cataloged by a Bethel University Library (University ownership), or a written copy granting copyright permission must be submitted with your request.

for some materials permission to stream the materials may need to be purchased in order to complete your request. For this reason a budget number is required. You will be contacted regarding streaming copyright permission costs prior to charging your budget. Please note that the permission request process can be lengthy. We will not make your requested media available until the appropriate permissions are on file.

Once copyright permissions are obtained a link to the media on the Flash Media Server will be added to your Moodle or Blackboard course. Files or copies of copyrighted material will not be given to you on media drives, DVDs or CDs, nor will you or your learners be able to download these files.

Your requested media must only be accessible only to your students and only for the duration of the assignment. Downloading of media will not be possible as it is a violation of copyright law and may be subject to very stiff Federal and/or civil penalties.

Please read the "Video Use as an Online Course Component" policy and process prior to filling out this form: http://www.bethel.edu/its/policies/online-video-policy

By checking the Budget Authorization box below I am requesting that Bethel University seek to purchase digital use permissions for this item and I have authorization to approve a charge of no more than $350 for purchase of permissions (which is usually a three year license for online course use).

Note: If you do not check the box above, you will be limited to a "fair use" portion of the media. Please designate the portion timeline below and clearly describe the beginning and ending scenes.

Copyright permissions must be received at least two weeks prior to deployment. Because this can be a lengthy process, please plan ahead and submit this form with as much lead time as possible. When does your media need to be available online?

Please provide your Moodle or Blackboard course information AND the location in the course where you would like the media to be placed (i.e., week 3, topic 7, course document, multimedia).

Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted Foreign Language Films

By checking the Signature Checkbox below I am certifying that this media will be used for an instructor mediated educational purpose in a Bethel University course AND that the media will ONLY be available to students registered in the course AND will only be available for the duration of the specific assignment.

Other Media (non-copyrighted media)

Multiple Requests: If you have more than one video request please use the Additional Media Requests field below instead of completing separate forms for each video.