Creating a Bethel Website

The Webkit will walk you through the process of building a Bethel website. Whenever you have questions along the way, email and we'll get back to you in short order.

But first, we have to say a hearty thank you! Bethel's website runs because of tons of dedicated people throughout campus. We appreciate you and we're excited you're here, so let's get started.

  1. Learn the basics—training session 1.

    Get scheduled for the next available web workshop. You'll get a broad overview of website basics and Bethel's web system.

    Time to complete: 1-hour sessions available every 2 weeks

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  2. Define your site structure.

    Work independently or with team members from your office to plan and finalize what webpages you'll need and how they'll be organized.

    Time to complete: 1-2 weeks

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  3. Prep your web content—before you load it.

    Gather, write, and edit content for each of the pages you've mapped out.

    Time to complete: 2 - 8 weeks

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  4. Become a Cascade expert—training session 2.

    Once your content is ready, your next step is to sign up for a Cascade Training session.

    Time to complete: 1-hour sessions available every 2 weeks

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  5. Build out your site.

    After training, you'll have the tools you need to turn each of your word docs into webpages.

    Time to complete: 1-4 weeks

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  6. Get your pages proofed and published.

    You’ve built out your site! Congrats! Now we'll help you proof and publish.

    Time to complete: 2 weeks

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  7. Go live.

    Once Web Services has your redirects in place and all pages published, that's it!

    El fin!

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