Step 5 - Build Out Your Site

  1. Go to your site.

    Use the link provided by Web Services to access the area where your site will be built. Be sure to bookmark this page so you have easy access to it in the future.

  2. Build out your level 1 categories.

    Some of these categories may be folders, others will be pages. Use your IA to guide you.

    Folders as level 1 items.

    Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. 

    Pages as level 1 items.

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    Build out your level 1 categories to completion.

  3. Build out your level 2 and 3 items.

    Once all of your level 1 categories have been built, begin adding your level 2 and level 3 items. As shown in the video below, simply make note of the title and system name in your excel file and fill in the appropriate information in Cascade. Skip the description step for now, you will come back to it when you load your content.

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  4. Load your content.

    Once you've built out all of your pages using your IA, open one completed word doc at a time. You will then use your word doc to add content to each individual page.

    You learned everything you'll need for this step in your Cascade training, but if you need a refresher you can check out our Cascade documentation.

  5. Request approval of your pages.

    Go through and request approval of every page on your site. Go to the publish tab and click the request approval button. For now you do not need to add a message to the Editor but for future requests you should. This will make moving through your site easier for your Chief Editor as he/she proofs your pages.

  6. Email Web Services.

    Send an email to Web Services and let them know your site is ready to be proofed!

  7. You're finished!

    Get ready for the last big step of the Web Kit! It will be a series of steps shared by the Cascade Author (you!) and Web Services.

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